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The Washington Area Amateur Radio Club is committed to providing community and emergency communications service to Washington County residents. Our club represents years of technical and emergency communications expertise.

Club Officers for 2015
President ABØDX Mark Lukins
  Vice President NNØO Howard Dantuma  
Secretary KCØYHU Craig Rose
Treasurer KCØYHU Craig Rose

Fri, 29 May, 2015

Last workday, we discovered that our plans to install a window air conditioner in the sidewall of the trailer was not going to happen. (Air conditioning in a trailer of this type is a necessity due to the heat generated by the sun, bodies inside, and equipment.)

This issue is due to the protrusion out the sidewall that could be a type of violation of DOT rules. Besides that, there were many other obstacles standing in our way trying to make this configuration work. The only clear alternative was to install a rooftop unit.

After a few phone calls, I found a complete new unit for a great price, $595 plus tax. Click each view for a larger picture.

Typically these have been priced from $700 and up. The officers have decided to make this purchase in faith that members would help with this purchase.

Your contributions would cover this purchase:

if 25 members would each contribute as little as $25, it would cover the entire cost including tax.

I have had a couple members say they will gladly contribute to the cause. We are asking members to contribute if at all possible. Please understand this is totally voluntary and I realize that this contribution may not be possible with everybody.

Our budget for the trailer would not cover this purchase and fund the trailer work in progress this year.

We rarely ask members directly for contributions. Since we have been involved with the SE Iowa Hamfest, we have been able, for the most part, to take care of most needs and not require any more than your yearly WAARC dues of $12.

(Some have made generous donations in the past, financially or otherwise, and this has been greatly appreciated!!)

I believe we have some of the greatest people in our organization. Members have always stepped up to the plate, when needed, to help wherever and whenever help was needed. I believe you will help at this time too! Please consider between now and the June meeting what you feel you can contribute towards this cause.

If you would want to help with this unit, and feel led to also contribute towards the completion of the trailer, we would welcome your gracious contribution of $50, $75, $100, or more!! I ask you to come prepared to help meet our financial need at our June meeting. We will take up a collection at that time.

The donations collected will all be earmarked to be used for the communication trailer only.

Thanks so much for your consideration, and making us, I believe, one of the best Amateur radio clubs around!!

Mark Lukins- ABØDX
Pres. WAARC, Inc.

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We gratefully thank the Washington County Riverboat Foundation for the generous grant towards the purchase of emergency communication equipment for the benefit of Washington County residents. It is being put to good use!

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