Club Activities

We host regularly scheduled license testing!

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Regular net each Monday evening at 7:00 PM, local time, on the 147.045 MHz repeater.

The repeater's new antenna is up and fully operational as of Saturday afternoon, November 07, 2009.

(And doing a great job per the signal reports we heard!) Much better range than previously.
Thanks to all who helped make it a success, including my tower crew, ACØDG, and KCØYHU
(who came all the way from Urbandale to help), as well as the many who helped as the ground crew.
It was a team effort and that's what it took.

We sincerely appreciate ALL who showed up at the site, even if just for moral support!!
We decided NOT to increase the height at this time due to more stiffening of the tower bracing needed
to make it safe and secure to climb as well as an increased length of feedline (Heliax) needed.
Enjoy the pictures, compliments of KCØYHU and wife Barb (No callsign...yet) (Now KDØNEZ)


Photos from past events

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6th grade
Ham radio class

National Weather
Service visit

Ham radio demo at WACO HS

2007 ARRL Field Day
2007 ARRL Field Day in a county park at Riverside, Iowa. The daughter of Jerry Schroder (KCØWWV) operating and my youngest son, Mitch, logging the contacts with me, (ABØDX), in the middle.
Isn't it good to see young people take an interest in Ham radio???

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Rained out

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Fox hunt
Fox hunt
Flying Pigs Duathlon 2012
WAARC support crew for the
2012 Flying Pigs Duathlon
Washington Airport Fly-In June 2004 Washington Airport Fly-In June 2004
Washington Airport Fly-In June 2004

Ridiculous Day 2012
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Ham radio information booth at YMCA Watermelon Days
Ham radio information
booth, 2009 YMCA
Watermelon Days
2009 Cedar Rapids Road Trip

NGØP Antenna Party




2011 AES Superfest

2012 Y to Y Bike Ride

2014 Antenna Party for Jane, KØBKL




2010 Demon Dash 2010 Demon Dash runners 2010 Demon Dash runner WAARC volunteers Demon Dash 4-9-2011
Demon Dash for Cash
volunteers for 2013
Demon Dash for Cash volunteers for 2013
Demon Dash
for Cash volunteers for 2016
Demon Dash for Cash volunteers for 2016

Emcomm trailer first work day   2014 KD0WGB antenna party Crew setting up antennas climbing the tower Finished installation
Emcomm trailer conversion.